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Amsterdam 2002

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Translation in English


Translation in English

Selling your identity online
It's called "personal data management" and it is a dreadful as well as intriguing proposal: if information society kills privacy, let's sell our personal data to the best bidder.

Lavrans Lovlie and Chris Downs (also visiting professors at the Interaction design Institute in Ivrea) gained the audience's award at Doors of Perception, one of the worldwide most important conferences of design experts.

Their project is called Loom and it's about the issue of privacy. Loom challages the idea of privacy from a not-so-usual point of view.

According to Loom's argument businesses ascribe enormous value to consumers' and investors' personal data; therefore, why the latter should  not draw profit from their data?

Accordingly, Lovlie and Downs designed a system, based on a legal auctions' system, to put on sale personal data of willing participants. Bank data, the numbers one dials from the mobile phone, even credit card purchases is information that would make every marketing manager's mouth water. Let's them pay for it, then!

Chris Downs already tested the system on himself by auctioning about 800 pages of his personal data (bank statements, cell-phone details, supermarket shopping of the last 3 years): the auction raised the attention of 422 potential buyers; they sold at the closing bid of 150 pounds (about 240 euros). Loom helps those who like to collect and use their data, it facilitates putting the information online as well as handling the sale.

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