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The design challenge of pervasive computing
14, 15, 16 November 2002 in Amsterdam

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NEW: What the press said about Doors of Perception7 : Flow
Press Release
John Thackara keynote
Open Doors Persbericht (NL)
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Press Release
Please click here for the press release

John Thackara Key Note Statement
John Thackara Flow introduction statement (400 words)
John Thackara is firstPerceptron of Doors of Perception, including the Dutch translation

Press images

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Doors 7: Flow

Doors of Perception 7 (including text)
The theme of Doors 7 is flow: the design challenge of pervasive computing
Amsterdam, 14-16 November 2002

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Doors of Perception 7 (image only)
The theme of Doors 7 is flow: the design challenge of pervasive computing
Amsterdam, 14-16 November 2002

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Flow Conference Pilot (by Remon Tijssen)

the Flow Conference Leader is designed by Remon Tijssen (remon@fluid.nl). He made a rotating flow chart, functional like a swiss army knife, conveying the sessions, the speakers and members of the audience.

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John Thackara
John Thackara is firstPerceptron of Doors of Perception.

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Felice Frankel

Science photographer Felice Frankel is a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Director of the Envisioning Science Project. Shown here: images from her latest book, Envisioning Science: The Design and Craft of the Science Image (MIT Press).(Top left) Ferro fluid. (Top right) Nano wires (Bottom left, Bottom right) Water drops. http://flow.doorsofperception.com

Ferro fluid (copyright Felice Frankel)

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Nano wires (copyright Felice Frankel)

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Water Drops (copyright Felice Frankel)

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Water Drops 2 (copyright Felice Frankel)

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UN Studio: Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos

(above left) Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos are principals in UN Studio (United Net), a network of specialists in architecture, urban development and infrastructure. Shown here are time/space activity diagrammes for the redevelopment of the station area in Arnhem, The Netherlands. (Left) Programmatic activity pattern 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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(above right)
Time related activities: producing, consuming, living. http://flow.doorsofperception.com

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David Rokeby

(left) Installation at the Venice Architecture Biennale by David Rokeby. Rokeby captures images of people (and pigeons) moving around a city square - and then digitally removes the buildings, leaving only images of movement. (photo by David Rokeby) http://flow.doorsofperception.com

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(above) Installation at the Venice Architecture Biennale by David Rokeby. The four video streams are derived from the same video source, but with four different readings of the activity and flow through Piazza San Marco in Venice.The video processing is performed in real-time. In September 2002, Rokeby was awarded the Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica, the most prestigious international prize for interactive art. http://flow.doorsofperception.com

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Michael Schmidt and Toke Nygaard

This award-winning Danish duo, based in San Francisco, are web developers, designers, and the founders of Kaliber 10000, (www.k10k.net), a hub for the world's web design community. Together with technical wizard Per Jørgensen, they also created Moodstats - an innovative piece of emotional software which allows users to record and analyse their moods on a daily basis.
(left: detail, right: overview)
Auto-generated poster with flowers drawn based on peoples' Moodstats values.

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(left: detail, right: overview)
Poster featuring the 4th member of K10k, Barney the Beagle, and an impassioned plea that little pixel creatures should be treated as humans too.


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Axel Thallemer

Axel Thallemer is the founder of the German pneumatics firm Festo which has plans to re-einvent shock absorbers, scooters, and aircraft and then build an inflatable castle in the sky. Festo's so-called airtecture buildings could revolutionize the way we inhabit urban streets and other hostile environments. Festo has found new ways to harness the power of air. It is opening up possibilities for pneumatic technology comparable to the revolution that occurred in electronics when transistors replaced vacuum tubes. Combining air-filled "membranes" with "fluidic muscles," Festo is producing prototypes and working models of airships and inflatable buildings, as well as pneumatic runabouts and kite-propelled skateboards. http://flow.doorsofperception.com

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Victor Vina

"Design your own network". Is this feasible? Victor Vina's project "Box" investigates how physical interfaces affect the way we learn, play and communicate through information networks. Box is a flexible architecture combining different modules to create dynamic information structures, allowing activities like play, debate, and communication. A collection of simple wireless objects that place and gather information from physical space. This image is a selection from 50 objects.

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Michael Awad

How might one represent the flows of people in a city? The Canadian architect and photographer Michael Awad has develpoped a special photographic process to explore this issue. Shown here is "China town".

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Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting

"Crisis" is an multiplayer game, developed by the Dutch firm Submarine, that is played via the internet, sms, and television. Holland is heading for a disaster. Political Leaders join forces to cope with the crisis. In the television show well-known prime ministers and are taking up the challenge to keep an emergency situation under control. In the Internet game viewers become the crisis managers themselves and find out how a crisis situation in real life should be solved. Using news broadcastings, radio reports and news paper articles on the website news players can follow actualities and recent developments. Through SMS and e-mail they receive the latest news and are asked in urgent situations to to vote and participate in the game.

download Jpeg, size 620k

Rein Jansma
download stuffit (Mac) Jpg, size 592k
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underground parking garage
Willem Velthoven, Florian Thalhofer

Korsakow Simple player screenshot.
The user klicks any of the tree top images to drive the story.

2002 udk-berlin velthoven/thalhofer/huber

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Korsakow Tool: Analyser Mesh view

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Michael Kieslinger
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The fluidtime project investigates a new way of interacting with time, based on the changing availability of the people and services in our environment. Instead of arranging appointments strictly in reference to the clock, users can flexibly adjust and coordinate their schedules to coincide with the availability of services. Fluidtime continually updates users with dynamic schedule information about transportation, delivery, health and convenience services.

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Analia Cervini, Jan-Christoph Zoels

Analia Cervini (Italy) and Jan-Christoph Zoels (Germany). Mobile Embodiments. How can we enhance the qualities of expression in an object that by definition should be small, light and portable? What sensorial means does the designer have to express the richness of these potential new services? What new types of service could these new devices offer? download stuffit (Mac) tiff, size 1.6 Mb
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Lisselot Brunnberg
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Scott Paterson
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Casey Reas

Each unique Seed image is the result of a synthetically cloned seed growing in a unique virual environment. An animation exposes the life cycle of each seed from its genesis to its death. (The Seed image is 300dpi and 20cm wide)

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The Tissue software exposes the movements of thousands of synthetic systems. Each line in the image reveals the history of one system's movement as it navigates through its environment. People interact with the software by positioning a group of points on the screen. By positioning and re-positioning the points, an understanding of the total system emerges from the subtle relations between the positional input and the rich visual output. (Both Tissue images are 300dpi and approximately 32cm wide)

download stuffit (Mac) tiff, size 28.4 Mb (left)
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