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Amsterdam - 14, 15, 16 November 2002

Body Mnemonics

Jussi Angesleva

Body Mnemonics is an interface design concept for portable devices that uses the body space of the user as an interface. In this system information can be stored and subsequently accessed by moving a device to different locations around one's body. The system is designed to ease cognitive load by relying on our proprioceptive sense, vibrotactile feedback, and the use of the body image of the user as a mnemonic frame of reference.

At the current state of my research, I am trying to get deeper understanding on the potential of the system from cultural point of view. What kind of organisational strategies would be the most common? What is the resolution of the body? What kind of data would make sense?

I have built an interactive survey online (shockwave movie), to collect data to look into. I would be most delighted if you could spent few minutes with the application, that sends the data back for analysis.

The project website recides at www.mle.ie/~jussi (where you find the survey on the right and the survey is directly accessible at www.mle.ie/~jussi/bm_survey.htm

Also, if you know some other online communities where you would see this project as fitting, please forward the information onwards.

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Winner of the OpenDoors Grand Prix

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