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Doors of Perception Videos

The videos below introduced each session at Doors of Perception 7: Flow (Nov 2002 in Amsterdam).
They were made by Marcel van der Drift (he explains himself at the bottom of this page). Having created these oddly infectious media viruses, he's quite keen to spread them -  so if you'd like to use them at your own event, simply get in touch with him



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Day 1, part 1

Day 1, part 2

Day 1, part 3

Day 2, part 1

Day 2, part 2

Day 2, part 3

Day 3, part 1

Day 3, part 2

Day 3, part 3

"All the footage is recorded from television, in a two month period. I changed the order of the channels on my tv, so I'd watch a little more CNN and a little less MTV and then simply zapped as I always did, recording whatever reminded me of the conference. After taping over 30 hours, I loaded the best bits in the computer and started editing. As I got familiar with the material, I found more and more different shots which, when put together, told a new, more critical or absurd story. The doors team gave regular feedback on the rough versions and gradually all the different material grew into 9 videos, with topics like pervasive computing, measuring too much, or play. At the beginning and end of each video you see me, Marcel van der Drift, sitting between two old friends: Iwan van Vliet (on the left) and Edward van der Pluiym (on the right.) Making these video's was far more work than I ever imagined, but it's been a lot of fun seeing the stories unfold and discussing them with the doors team".

Marcel van der Drift studied audiovisual design at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam), multimedia design at the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam) and worked for four years as a programmer/designer/animator of CD-ROMs and web sites.

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