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eindg_15 gracec_2 toilet_1 carinf_1 eindg_19

Director DoorsEast Jogi Panghaal chatting to an old friend: Grace Colby

Grace Colby, once again in high spirits!

writing on the door of the mens' toilet

clubroom: Doors of Perception 7 ended with an unexpected surprise, at least for the car owners in the car park, who found there cars decorated by red carpet, being put there by some jolly volunteers

Premsela Foundation Chairman Jules van de Vijver is chilling with Chee Pearlman and Willem Velthoven

jane jj_co livia eindg_21 volunt_1

Jane Szita the managing editor of Doors

Three "J's": Jan Jaap and Jonathan, what a team

Livia Ponzio, our Communications Manager

Old friends who met eachother at Doors 6, Jouke Kleerebezem and Steward Butterfield (5k awards)

one tired volunteer

hidagmar techni_1 cables3 doorsf_1 shristii

Prduction assistant Dagmar (buzzy buzzy buzzy)

Quinten Reehuis,
the floor manager, talking to the tech staff

stage: Jonathan preparing stage-tech


The Shristii-gang
(Bangalore, India)

eindge_5 eindge_3 banzim_1 archis_3 galiano

Two architects having fun Rein Jansma and Ole Bouman

Video-genius Marcel van der Drift

Walter Aprile and Massimo Banzi enjoying a well desved drink

Yorn and Martijn carry boxes

Luis Fernandez Galliano

hijann_1 pluymers janneke dagmar jouke

glamorous conference producer Janneke Berkelbach

Ben Pluymers

Lucas Verwey and Janneke Berkelbach

Caroline and Dagmar

Jouke Kleerebezem exchanging news with Aya van Caspel

jane_1 solomonova thalle_1 group archis_1

Jane Szita

Debra Solomon (designer of the knitted life-veste worn by the Flow-Volunteers)

Axel Thallemer

a gathering around Jane and Debra

Yorn and Martijn, our speakers hosts, wear their volunteer-outfit in an artistic way

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