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interi_2 inter_11 flowta_5 joy gracecolby mystery1
clubroom clubroom Aya van Caspel in her
"Flow talk shop"
talking to Dennis
(Dolce et Gabbana)
one very colourful delegate happy Grace Colby Audience
partic_4 ivjohn mystery2 insert_1 liviab_1 nicesh_1
OpenDoors Speaker Alexander Grünsteidl chatting to pretty lady John is being interviewed audience that's what happens at design conferences; creativity galore
... ;-)
the back of our press officer Livia Ponzio
cables2 mccull_3 video__1 gongman endofc_1
stage: stage table without hiding cloth: featuring Jan Jaap Spreij Marcel van der Drift (the guy who made the video collages) and speaker Malcolm McCullough footage to Germany? Hey! you're not supposed to Gong-away our speaker-introductions! the end of Day one, we're not flagging yet!

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