Open Doors
  Who Is Who  

Aya, Jane and Ine, our words people doing what they are good at, especially when words are made of chocolate

Dagmar, depicted just as angelic and beaming as she is

Edith shows her designs, neatly colour coded, like herself

Janneke, John, Ine, Dagmar and Livia, in a shouting match. What was this all about? I forgot

Jane doesn't think she'll ever get through those piles of paper, but keeps on smiling. Just ...

Marcel enjoying a viewing of his TV collages with part of the Doors Crew

Janneke and Dagmar waiting for lunch.

JJ 's having a amusing thought, all by himself

John was rained on heavily, that's why he's wearing somebodies skirt, Janneke seems somewhat troubled

Livia, Aya and Ine's ear.

After hours Ole Bouman and Jane share deep thoughts and a glass of wine

Remon the maker of the Flow Leader, took a inspiration snoop at our flow-chart collection wall.

Guess Rob is looking at our annual figures ... Why is Janneke wearing John's glasses?

Wouter a bit confused, walks straight into the camera! finally a good picture after 7 years working together

Debra with one of her designs

Caroline gearing up for a long meeting
moi, I took the pictures

updated Monday 31 March 2003
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